Keep an open mind and heart After our pet crosses to the other side, I truly believe they come back to visit us in spirit. You may hear a collar jingling or smell their shampoo fragrance or favorite treat. You may also feel a sudden change in temperature as your pet’s spirit passes through or […]

This is the post I never wanted to write. My first “baby” who I had over 15 years with, crossed the bridge May 25, 2024. For months I prayed I wouldn’t have to make the decision of when it was time to let Remington go, because I just couldn’t do it. We made the decision […]

Beau had a Going with Grace session just several days before he would receive his wings. My 7-year-old daughter is very inquisitive, so she knew the story about Beau and his photo session. But, when she saw his photos on my computer as I was editing, she said “Wait – he doesn’t look sick. He […]

Happy 15th birthday to my first “baby” Remington! Every year I find myself more nervous than the last that he will make it to his next birthday. He’s already lived a wonderful long life but he struggles with chronic bronchitis flares, has a slight heart murmur and a very large lipoma on his chest. He’s […]

I offer studio sessions out of my home in west Olathe. Please email for details. STUDIO SESSION – Starting at $50 SEASONAL NEWS Please email to check availability and book your session. I will typically be available weekdays from 9-5pm.

Ever seen two dogs get married? Look no further! Check out the adorable video below to see all the fun details. Honey and Zeke had a first look, greeting kiss at the alter, vows read by their adorable human brother, a reception with a personalized cake from Three Dog Bakery and of course their “honeymoon” […]

You’ve heard of a baby’s first cake smash, but have you ever considered one for your dog? Remy had a BLAST celebrating his FIRST birthday in the studio this week. I can even make a dog-friendly cake for your pup and you get to take home what they don’t devour during the shoot. If you’re […]

If there’s one thing we can say definitively about social media, it’s that it’s constantly changing. Marketing and communications professionals must continuously monitor this dynamic online world and adapt their strategy accordingly. Below are some clear trends brands need to keep an eye on to maintain digital connections with their customers. Instagram and TikTok provide […]

Many of you know Remington is my 14-year old miniature schnauzer. He’s been on medication for chronic bronchitis for a few years and has a mild heart murmur. The thought of giving him a bucket list makes me incredibly sad, but I want to ensure I start spoiling him extra special while he is still […]

I am excited to offer traveling studio photography option with a separate set of traveling equipment. This will be an option for businesses who are interested in bringing in employees or clients and their pets for a fun one-day event. This option is also for private clients with pets who don’t travel well. Solid seamless […]

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