Beau’s Going with Grace Session


Beau had a Going with Grace session just several days before he would receive his wings. My 7-year-old daughter is very inquisitive, so she knew the story about Beau and his photo session. But, when she saw his photos on my computer as I was editing, she said “Wait – he doesn’t look sick. He looks so happy. He is smiling!”

This happens so often with my Going with Grace clients. I am telling you with utmost confidence – dogs KNOW this is a meaningful experience and they are always on their best behavior. I’m so very humbled when pet parents choose me to capture these delicate moments. I truly know I was given a gift and each dog I meet reinforces this in their own unique way.

If you have a senior pet, my best advice is to recognize and admit if they are aging or ill. Remember to give them treats and extra special days before it’s too late. Snap candid photos and video. You will never regret it.

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