Pup Cups at Local Coffee Shops – Starbucks, Dunkin, Dutch Bros


Many of you know Remington is my 14-year old miniature schnauzer. He’s been on medication for chronic bronchitis for a few years and has a mild heart murmur. The thought of giving him a bucket list makes me incredibly sad, but I want to ensure I start spoiling him extra special while he is still doing well.

He inspired me to expand my business from photo restoration to photographing pets, he’s the silhouette in my logo, the reason I met my husband and truly will forever be my soul dog.

Recently he’s been visiting lots of coffee shop drive thru’s with me to sample Pup Cups. Personally, I think he would be the most amazing Pup Cup spokes-dog. We did a mini photo shoot at Dunkin’ Donuts. Then Dutch Bros just opened up nearby so we gave them a whirl for the first time ever. We both voted this was the top Pup Cup by far. It even had a dog biscuit and sprinkles in it!! And on their grand opening day, Dutch Bros employees were all Dalmation themed!

Let us know where we should go next and share this post with your friends – maybe one of the coffee shops will see this and bring him on board for marketing!

Check out the full video on TikTok here.

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