Pets over the Rainbow Bridge: Signs from Dog Heaven


Keep an open mind and heart

After our pet crosses to the other side, I truly believe they come back to visit us in spirit. You may hear a collar jingling or smell their shampoo fragrance or favorite treat. You may also feel a sudden change in temperature as your pet’s spirit passes through or you might think you saw them flash for a moment in a familiar space. Keep a watchful eye for natural-made hearts and birds or other winged creatures.

Last night, I had a dream we were in a crowd and I was following Remington who appeared younger, with darker colored fur. I vividly remember putting my hand on his chest and no longer feeling his giant softball sized lipoma. I’ve always found dreams so fascinating and I specifically asked Remington to send me dreams so I know he is ok.

Shortly after we heard the news that Remington passed away, we found this heart rock on a trail in Branson. My daughter said “Look, it’s a heart!” Of course, I took a photo because that’s what I do! A couple days later, I looked at the photo while we were still on vacation and I saw the profile of a schnauzer in the bottom left corner. I showed it to several people to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.

We brought back this stone to our home and placed it in our back yard. I look at it every day and think of Remington. I’m so thankful for the signs from my boy and I encourage everyone to look for signs from their loved ones who are no longer with us.

Abrielle drew this at summer camp and it warmed my heart. She said Remington and Abby are in heaven together with an angel.

As I process grief, I’ve learned even more the importance of photos and video – and not just one professional shoot. But the candids from 10-15 years ago are what I’m finding most comforting. I had forgotten how young and carefree he was. It reminded me of how old he was, how many years of wear his body had taken and that it really was his time to let go.

Keep your pet’s memory alive

I started this book 5 years ago when Abby passed away. I remember it was comforting for Abrielle at the age of 2 but also for me. I’ve been adding to it now with Remington’s story and memories. Thank you to all who leave comforting comments on social media. Your words truly do matter. I print them all and read them more than once.

Compiling an album of memories really does help with the grieving process. So, start saving things now – you will smile someday down the road. I even found 15 year-old doggy daycare report cards and Remington’s puppy training certificate from when he was 3 months old.

If you’re also coping with the loss of a pet, know you aren’t alone.

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