Social Media Trends – Instagram, TikTok and the Metaverse


If there’s one thing we can say definitively about social media, it’s that it’s constantly changing. Marketing and communications professionals must continuously monitor this dynamic online world and adapt their strategy accordingly. Below are some clear trends brands need to keep an eye on to maintain digital connections with their customers.

Instagram and TikTok provide great opportunities to showcase products and educate audiences on technical details while also appealing to emotion. They’re both highly visual platforms that foster creativity and allow brands to display their personality through compelling video. Both platforms allow businesses to include a website link in their profile, which helps increase traffic and brand awareness. The Metaverse is also an evolving space where pets are playing an increasing role.

Let’s take a closer look at these key platforms to consider including in your brand’s strategy.


With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has surpassed Google as the No. 1 most-trafficked internet domain, according to Sprout Social.

We will continue to see brands and influencers use TikTok as the platform stretches the bounds of traditional marketing through the variety of content it can host and the highly targeted hashtags available.


Instagram is a close contender with TikTok, boasting over 1 billion monthly active users, and is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. According to Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, the platform is embracing a paradigm shift where users are asking for more entertaining video content. Video is now imperative in any social strategy, and it must be creative, innovative and entertaining to stand apart from the competition. 

Short-form video is booming on social media and is likely why Instagram is heavily promoting its Reels feature. Reels are up-to-60-second video clips set to music and shared to Stories, the Explore feed, and the Reels tab on a user’s profile. While the algorithm isn’t truly clear yet, it’s reminiscent of the TikTok For You page, which is a personalized, scrollable feed of content.

Reels are Instagram clients’ top-performing organic and paid ad creatives, Mosseri says, especially those that feel authentic and don’t look like a typical ad.

The Metaverse 

One final trend to keep on our radar is the Metaverse, also known as “phygital space.” Physical and digital worlds are starting to merge in the Metaverse, a virtual-reality space where users can interact in a computer-generated environment. 

According to the Metaverse is the next version of the internet, one that will take advantage of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality to create more immersive and interactive online environments.  

Interestingly, pets are a growing niche in the Metaverse. A “Metapet” is an avatar representation of a real pet. Microchipped pets can be monitored remotely through these avatars.

What it means for you

Of course, creating a successful space within social media isn’t just having a presence but showcasing your brand’s voice. You can engage with your audience by liking and responding to comments. (BONUS — it helps the organic algorithm, so your content reaches more people!) Be sure to monitor and moderate those conversations to address questions or concerns in a timely manner.  

It’s also important to build relationships with key influencers. You can leave meaningful comments on their social posts, mentioning how you’re both committed to improving relevant product lines or campaigns. Another idea is to share content from an influential page onto your own brand’s page and add commentary or hashtags. 

Let’s face it: It’s not easy to keep up with the ever-shifting world of social media. But brands must stay current in order to reach their customers and clients in the spaces they inhabit. A trusted media and marketing partner can help you navigate these trends. Feel free to contact me at to discuss my digital marketing consulting services.

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