Viral TikTok Mouse Rescue Video Featured on The Dodo


I’ve been SO excited to work with the Dodo over the last few months on our mouse rescue story. They did a wonderful job showing how our mouse rescue unfolded. Of course this story would not have been possible without our sweet daughter who informed us we should not kill any animal (even a mouse) and my husband who saved the mouse. I can only take credit for recording footage and creating a video in a Starbucks parking lot. Little did I know that TikTok video would bring in 34 MILLION views in a week.

The Dodo is a media brand that leverages the viral potential of animal content and reaches 100M pet owners every month in the U.S. This was an incredible honor and one of my long-term goals I’ve had.

Click on the below image to see the full video on the Dodo’s Facebook page.

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