Often overlooked during career success are shoutouts on a personal level. I’m dedicating this post to my husband for his constant support and love. He’s my rock, my cheerleader and always building me up and helping me grow in my career. He is often behind the scenes, but is a key part of my ability […]

I’ve been SO excited to work with the Dodo over the last few months on our mouse rescue story. They did a wonderful job showing how our mouse rescue unfolded. Of course this story would not have been possible without our sweet daughter who informed us we should not kill any animal (even a mouse) […]

I am so excited to see my work in print again! Modern Dog magazine, a national publication featured Going with Grace in their Summer 2021 issue. The issue will be in stores around June 8 and online shortly after. I’ve always felt called to focus on this particular service within my photography business. I’m so […]

I am SO thrilled to launch my redesigned website, dedicated to Going with Grace. My heart has pulled me in this direction for so many years. I recently received a request for an emergency session and I swirled with emotions afterwards. It was a further reminder how much people count on me for comfort through […]

Dog Lovers Schedule a Session with a Pet Photographer for the Holidays Written by: Jenny Matthews of Mix 93.3 My dog, Oscar, is truly a part of our family. He sleeps with my daughter every single night. I mean, under the covers, head on her pillow! He goes to Doggy Daycare on a very regular basis. […]

I was so honored when Dr. Sarah Sims reached out to interview me and feature Going with Grace on the Picture Hills Pet Hospital blog.  She explains my journey, the service I offer and even my love story with such eloquence. You can see the full article at this link or keep reading here. Local pet […]

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