Happy National Pet Day!


Happy National Pet Day! In celebration, enjoy this series of pics of Baby A + Remington. She found it quite hilarious that she resembles a cabbage patch doll (well she finds it funny now anyways. Maybe not in another 20 years.)

Here are some fun ways you can celebrate National Pet Day, as seen on www.nationalpetday.co/! Thank you Colleen for founding this and many other special pet-related holidays.

1. Adopt a pet from your local shelter or pure breed rescue organization.

2. Volunteer at your local shelter and offer to care for the animals. (KC PAWS is my favorite!)

3. Donate blankets, food and toys to a favorite animal welfare organization.

4. Organize a peaceful demonstration in front of your community pet store that sells pets from puppy or kitten mills.

5. Have a National Pet Day party and celebrate all your pets!

6. Spend the day taking photos of your pets and then post them on our Facebook page!

7. Assist an ill, elderly or a financially struggling neighbor or friend by purchasing pet food, hay or needed items for their pets.

8. Purchase a National Pet Day Tee Shirt (or other gift item) to express your devotion to all animals.

9. Buy your pet a fun new toy….or two…or five.

10. Hire a professional pet photographer for a fun photo shoot. (wink, wink. I know someone!)


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