From the Dog Park to I Do – People Magazine


Our love story became public when we were featured on the front page of the Kansas City Star for their “Pets in Weddings” Valentine’s Day edition. Since then, we were chosen as a top finalist in “A Perfect Proposal Sweepstakes” by the Kansas City Perfect Wedding Guide and featured in the April 7 issue of People Magazine. A UK journalist contacted us after seeing the article in People and wants to pitch our story to several UK magazines, including their versions of Cosmo and Glamour. Is this real? I still haven’t fully processed it.

I will never forget the day that changed my entire life. Our dogs brought us together at the Thomas Stoll Dog Park in Overland Park. Aaron is the most gentle and loving man I have ever met and truly showed me what love is.

Our love story continued when he suggested we go back to the same dog park about a year after we first met. He walked us casually over to the exact same spot where we met on the grass and I was presented with new engraved tags for our dogs. He showed me a third heart-shaped tag (with pink rhinestones of course) that said “Jennifer Starr” which would be my new name. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It could not have been any more perfect. I truly believe everything in life happens for a reason and leads us to where we ultimately should be.

Aaron told me when we first started dating that our love story was going to be just like the ones you see in fiction. He was right. Here’s to our future and our amazing journey as we walk down the aisle in October.

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