Featured in SheKC – Dog Lovers Schedule a Session with a Pet Photographer for the Holidays


Dog Lovers Schedule a Session with a Pet Photographer for the Holidays
Written by: Jenny Matthews of Mix 93.3

My dog, Oscar, is truly a part of our family. He sleeps with my daughter every single night. I mean, under the covers, head on her pillow! He goes to Doggy Daycare on a very regular basis. He has several over-the-top comfy dog beds and an array of squeaky toys. To say he’s spoiled would be a bit of an understatement.

We are ‘dog people’. And, if I had it my way, I would have about five more. My husband sees the more realistic side of things. Hence, why we don’t! HA!

But, this time of year is always a little tough for me. We lost our previous Boxer, Tyson, in early December of 2010.

He was so loved. He developed a degenerative disease where he lost the use of his hind leg and ultimately, his bodily functions. He had special ‘wheels’ to help him get around. He was such a precious dog and I feel grateful to have had him.

When we realized the end was near for Tyson, we discovered an actual ‘Pet Photographer’, Jennifer Starr. She came over and took some of the most amazing photos that I will forever treasure.

… after a three year infertility struggle, I was a few weeks pregnant in this picture with my miracle baby, Julianne Faith. After several miscarriages, I was terrified. No one knew. I had to tell Jennifer at the shoot because I was so nauseated I had to stop every few minutes and eat pretzels to calm my stomach!

Soon after she was born, Tyson crossed the ‘Rainbow Bridge’. Even though our lives were crazy enough with a newborn in the house… something was missing. A dog.

Welcome Oscar.

I felt it was only fitting that I have Jennifer back over to do another shoot of our new babies together… Julianne + Oscar… besties from the start.

Jennifer put the images in a beautiful album, complete with captions. I surprised my husband with it for Father’s Day that year. He loved it and again, I treasure the photos. So meaningful.

A kind heart, big talent and a knack for capturing images that seemed impossible with a small child and a wild puppy! I’ll just say this… LOTS of treats!

It’s hard to believe Oscar is now seven. So much has happened over the years, including the birth of my son, Miles! It’s time for another shoot with Jennifer — featuring my THREE babies. How blessed I feel.

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