Keep an open mind and heart After our pet crosses to the other side, I truly believe they come back to visit us in spirit. You may hear a collar jingling or smell their shampoo fragrance or favorite treat. You may also feel a sudden change in temperature as your pet’s spirit passes through or […]

I am so excited to see my work in print again! Modern Dog magazine, a national publication featured Going with Grace in their Summer 2021 issue. The issue will be in stores around June 8 and online shortly after. I’ve always felt called to focus on this particular service within my photography business. I’m so […]

I am SO thrilled to launch my redesigned website, dedicated to Going with Grace. My heart has pulled me in this direction for so many years. I recently received a request for an emergency session and I swirled with emotions afterwards. It was a further reminder how much people count on me for comfort through […]

As Daylight Saving Time nears, this beautiful evening light will disappear during my available timeframe on weeknights.  To book a Fall session for an upcoming weeknight, I have select dates from 5:30-6:30pm through October 31. I have a few weekend sessions left on Saturday, November 2 only. All sessions for the remainder of the year […]

Many of you saw my recent post about Micalla Rettinger and how her life was tragically taken when a stray bullet shot through her car window on a highway near Waterloo. The family’s beloved dog Charlie (pictured in this photo) crossed the rainbow bridge to join Micalla yesterday.  It’s clear that Micalla needed Charlie with […]

Want the chance to win a FREE Going with Grace photo session and other pet goodies from sponsors including Puppy Cake, Ziwi and My Blonde Ambitions? Visit my Facebook page and Simply LIKE and SHARE this post with your friends and comment with a split-screen photo of your senior pet showing how they looked as a young pup […]

As I sit down to write this, I don’t want to. Something about typing the words makes it too real. But I don’t want to wait too long or I may forget the little details I want to share. We said goodbye to our beloved Abby on November 24. We knew the day was coming, […]

We are moving right along with Abby’s bucket list. We are making each day count! In case you missed the updates on social media, here is what Abby’s accomplished so far. Celebrate 11th Birthday Video on Facebook here. Eating Competition!  Video on Facebook here. Get a Sweet New Ride and Personal Chauffeur  We opted to […]

I probably overshare my personal life on social media, but it’s just who I am.  And in the process, I haven’t just gained “followers” over the past 10 + years. I can honestly say so many clients and social media followers are now my dear friends. There are supporters near and far – even in […]

It’s hard to imagine life without your pet. But one day, the harsh reality hits you like a brick. You’ve been trying to ignore the signs and be positive but your pet’s health has started to decline. Our own Abby is battling Cushing’s Disease along with side effects from her medication which has caused lack […]

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