Abby’s Bucket List – Update


We are moving right along with Abby’s bucket list. We are making each day count! In case you missed the updates on social media, here is what Abby’s accomplished so far.

Celebrate 11th Birthday

Video on Facebook here.

Eating Competition! 

Video on Facebook here.

Get a Sweet New Ride and Personal Chauffeur 

We opted to just pretend for safety. But does she look too cool or what?!

Trip to Hawaii

Of course Remington is the stowaway! He is a sneaky little fella.

Fancy Steak Dinner

Facebook video here.

Enjoy the commentary. I think we kind of sound like Cotton and Pepper, the announcers from the Dodgeball movie!


Abby voted for endless supplies of pizza and ice cream.

Take a Gymnastics/Aerobics Class

Video on Facebook here.

Get Married

Facebook Live video replay here.

Become a Mom/Adopt Puppies

Facebook Live video replay here.

Get a Hot Pink Pedicure

Video on Facebook here.

Ice Cream Cone Treat

Video on Facebook here.

New Momma Spa Day

Starbucks Pup Cup

Try out for American Idol

Howling duet video with Remington on Facebook here.

Be more like her younger brother (Just kidding!)

Devour Fish “You need one more fish”

Video on Facebook here.

15 Minutes of Fame

Video on Kctv5 here.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    What a great idea to do this Bucket List for Abby and capture amazing moments! XOXO
    Liz ( Stella&Ally’s Mom)

  2. Linda Dembski says:

    I’m crying as I write this. I know how much you love your furrbabys. My cat Princess had to put to sleep July 29th. Her kidneys had shut down and nothing more could be done. I had her 16 and a half years and she was my best friend and the love I received from her was unconditional. I still cry everyday. Can’t go near the pet part of any store without breaking down. The same when I see commercials or tv shows with pets on it. I know many think I’m nuts but my cat was family. I pray for your family and furrbabies. Some loses are just too hard. I would love for Abby to live a lot longer.

  3. Jeri says:

    Enjoyed the pet bucket list. I have had many, many pets over the years. Each one is a special gift of love. I smile, I laugh, I enjoy, then I cry when the time to say goodbye comes and hold them until their last breath. My babies will remain in my heart forever!!! Enjoy Abby as much as possible but she will always be with you 🙂

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