Abby’s Bucket List


I probably overshare my personal life on social media, but it’s just who I am.  And in the process, I haven’t just gained “followers” over the past 10 + years. I can honestly say so many clients and social media followers are now my dear friends. There are supporters near and far – even in the UK! I want you all to know your support means so much to me. Each and every one of your kind comments are read and make me smile. You keep me going when I want to just stop being a photographer because it’s too hard to juggle it all. And you help jump start my creativity. Just this morning, I had an idea to start a bucket list for Abby and you commented with so many great ideas! Wouldn’t it be fun (and yes super cheesy) to bring these ideas to life or at least create photos that depict some bucket list items?

For those of you that don’t know, Abby is our sweet Vizsla.  She helped bring me and my husband together at our local dog park in 2012 and will always be a very special dog. Our story even made national headlines and was featured in People magazine. You can read more about that here. My husband rescued her when she was just a puppy. His cousin is the police chief of a small town and Abby jumped into her police car on the 4th of July in 2007. She was clearly not a hunting dog – just a scared pup who didn’t like the sound of fireworks. They tried very hard to find her owners, but never did. So, Aaron learned about the situation and adopted her. I’ve heard stories that Abby was not the easiest dog to care for. Being a Vizsla, high energy is just in her blood. In fact, she was known to destroy his college books and some furniture. But, with my husband’s training, love and companionship, she calmed down (a little).

Along came me and Remington. Abby definitely enjoyed the attention from a woman figure in her life. I dressed her up in silly outfits and posed her and Remington in ridiculous scenarios. She would do anything for a treat or a crunchy chip.

Then our daughter was born in 2016 and Abby learned to share her attention with a human sibling. Abby licked Abrielle right in the face the moment we introduced her as a newborn. As the months progressed, Abby made her giggle incessantly  by licking the remnants of baby food off her arms.

Abby has battled numerous health issues over the years, most recently Cushing’s Disease. She is a tough old lady, but is slowing down, weak and finicky when it comes to her meals. I know the time is near when we have to say goodbye even though I truly don’t want to admit it. In the meantime, I hope to bring some of these bucket list items to life.

Abby’s Bucket List (Updates and videos on the latest post here)

  1. Celebrate her 11th birthday ✔
  2. Eating competition with Burger King cheeseburgers ✔
  3. Get a sweet new ride with personal chauffeur ✔
  4. Trip to Hawaii with her favorite stowaway ✔
  5. Fancy steak dinner ✔
  6. Vote ✔
  7. Take a gymnastics/aerobics class ✔
  8. Get married ✔
  9. Become a Mom/adopt puppies ✔
  10. Get a hot pink pedicure ✔
  11. Ice cream cone treat ✔
  12. New Momma spa day ✔
  13. Devour fish ✔
  14. Try out for American Idol ✔
  15. Starbucks Pup Cup ✔
  16. 15 minutes of fame ✔

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