Keep an open mind and heart After our pet crosses to the other side, I truly believe they come back to visit us in spirit. You may hear a collar jingling or smell their shampoo fragrance or favorite treat. You may also feel a sudden change in temperature as your pet’s spirit passes through or […]

This is the post I never wanted to write. My first “baby” who I had over 15 years with, crossed the bridge May 25, 2024. For months I prayed I wouldn’t have to make the decision of when it was time to let Remington go, because I just couldn’t do it. We made the decision […]

Beau had a Going with Grace session just several days before he would receive his wings. My 7-year-old daughter is very inquisitive, so she knew the story about Beau and his photo session. But, when she saw his photos on my computer as I was editing, she said “Wait – he doesn’t look sick. He […]

The kissing booth is here! Valentine themed photos are in full swing at Happy Pawz- 119th Street! IF I have atleast 10 people interested on a single day, I will offer special pricing. Some Saturday options are a possibility. Micro sessions: $25, super speedy, 1 pet, 1 digital image. (Normally $50). Please note micro sessions are […]

Often overlooked during career success are shoutouts on a personal level. I’m dedicating this post to my husband for his constant support and love. He’s my rock, my cheerleader and always building me up and helping me grow in my career. He is often behind the scenes, but is a key part of my ability […]

I never realized how many dogs would touch my heart until I became a pet photographer. I only meet each pet briefly, but they become extremely special to me for a lifetime.  Over the years, I have been sent many emergency requests to photograph terminally ill or aging senior pets.  I will drop anything and […]

Happy 15th birthday to my first “baby” Remington! Every year I find myself more nervous than the last that he will make it to his next birthday. He’s already lived a wonderful long life but he struggles with chronic bronchitis flares, has a slight heart murmur and a very large lipoma on his chest. He’s […]

I offer studio sessions out of my home in west Olathe. Please email for details. STUDIO SESSION – Starting at $50 SEASONAL NEWS Please email to check availability and book your session. I will typically be available weekdays from 9-5pm.

With nearly 2 decades of expertise, Jennifer Starr is an internationally published pet photographer, animal enthusiast and photo restoration artist, born and raised in Kansas City. Jen specializes in digital artistry and natural light photography of dogs and cats. Jen also has a studio space in her home in Olathe. In 2012, Jen founded Going with Grace© to honor […]

Pet loss is such a difficult subject. There are so many stages of grief, and the first phase often begins when your pet is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Everyone copes in different ways – having your pet photographed professionally is one way to provide some closure as you try to mentally prepare for your […]

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