Digital Pet Art & Coping with Pet Loss


Pet loss is such a difficult subject. There are so many stages of grief, and the first phase often begins when your pet is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Everyone copes in different ways – having your pet photographed professionally is one way to provide some closure as you try to mentally prepare for your pet to cross the rainbow bridge.

Sometimes your pet’s body and mind just get really old and frail. As much as they want to stay with you, snuggle forever and pitter patter their paws alongside your feet, we unfortunately have to be the one who helps free them of pain.

I’m so thankful for all the friends and connections I’ve made over the past 2 decades of working in the pet industry. I share the happy moments with you but also the worst moments as you say goodbye to a beloved pet.

I never met Stella or her adorable family in person, but we’ve been “Facebook friends” bound through our mutual understanding of Schnauzer ownership for many years.

I worked with her to create a new piece of art and offering I will add to my online shop. Some tell me they appreciate the whimsical nature of this type of digital art because it makes the loss of their pet less “real”.

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