FAQs and Investment Details – Which Session is Best for You?


With nearly 2 decades of expertise, Jennifer Starr is an internationally published pet photographer, animal enthusiast and photo restoration artist, born and raised in Kansas City. Jen specializes in digital artistry and natural light photography of dogs and cats. Jen also has a studio space in her home in Olathe. In 2012, Jen founded Going with Grace© to honor and celebrate the lives of aging and critically ill pets. Jen offers commercial pet photography and social influencer services. Her photos have been featured in a multitude of national publications. Services are available in the Kansas City area.


The Pet & Family Photo Session is up to 1 ½ hours of time for family members and up to 2 pets. Price includes session fee and up to 25 high resolution digital images that are professionally edited. This session is the best selection for a variety of shots/settings, including family members, young children and/or multiple pets. Please add an additional $50/pet if more than 2 pets will be included in a session.

The “My Best Friend” Photo Session is an abbreviated 15-minute outdoor session which is best for one adult and one pet. Price includes session fee and 5 high resolution digital images that are professionally edited. This specially priced session is available at Shawnee Mission Park only.

The Going with Grace© Photo Session is up to 1 hour of time for family members and 1 pet. An additional charge will apply if including 2 senior or ill pets in the same session.

This session is offered for senior pets or pets who are critically ill & nearing the rainbow bridge. Price includes session fee and 10 high resolution digital images that are professionally edited. Your entire gallery (anywhere between 25 – 40 images) can be purchased for an additional $100. These sessions are on-location at Shawnee/Overland Park/Olathe regions. Sessions can be in-home or within a 45 mile radius for an additional mileage fee. This session is the best selection for documenting the bond with your pet and celebrating their life.

Commercial pet photography services are available for large and small businesses in the pet care space. Full media kit here.

  • $500 minimum for up to 4 hours or $1,000 per day.
  • Includes 20 high resolution edited digital images.
  • $50 per image after the 20 images included.
  • Miniature Schnauzer or Vizsla available for modeling (Jen’s personal dogs). Adoptable dogs or cats may be available upon request to help model products. Otherwise, pets and/or human models must be provided by client.
  • Products and/or props must be provided by client.
  • Bonus informal short-form video will be included at no charge. (Behind the scenes, bloopers, etc.) Video files will be suitable for social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.
  • All images include licensing for use in print collateral, social media or online.

STUDIO SESSION – Starting at $50
Studio sessions range from 15-30 minutes.

  • Micro sessions: $50, super speedy, 1 pet, 1 digital image. (one backdrop only)
  • Mini Session: $100, 15 minutes, 1 pet, 5 digital images. (one backdrop only)
  • Full Session: $150, 30 minutes, 2 pets,5 digital images. (up to 2 backdrops)
  • Birthday Session: $200, 30 minutes, 1 pet, 5 digital images. Includes balloons, birthday backdrop and cake.
  • High end prints and canvases are also available for an additional fee.

Please email jennifer@fixyourimages.com to check availability and book your session.

DIGITAL ARTISTRY – Starting at $20

Services include but are not limited to the below. You can also visit my online shop here to order.

  • Adding angel wings or rainbows to existing photos.
  • Placing your pet in a rainbow bridge digital background or various seasonal backgrounds.
  • Swapping heads (adjusting heads/faces from multiple photos to create one great pic!)
  • Removing leashes/collars/harnesses.

TRAVEL TO YOU STUDIO (Client Homes) – Starting at $200
This option is best for pets who don’t travel well.

  • Session fee is $200 for up to 2 pets and includes up to 5 digital images.
  • Solid colored seamless backdrops only.
  • Print Package – four 4×6, two 8×10, 16 wallets – $100.
  • Travel is within the Kansas City metro area only.

TRAVEL TO YOU STUDIO (Doggy Daycares) – Starting at $25
This option is best for doggy daycares or businesses who are interested in bringing in clients and/or their dogs for a fun one-day event.

  • Session fee is waived; there will be headshots of multiple individual dogs in one day.
  • Solid colored seamless backdrops only.
  • Digital file: $25/each.
  • “School” Print Package –  four 4×6, two 8×10, 16 wallets – $100.
  • Travel is within the Kansas City metro area only.

ALA CARTE FINE ART– Starting at $10
Clients can easily choose ala carte packages for high quality large prints and products.

Products include but are not limited to:

  • 4×6 prints – $10/each
  • 5×7 prints – $20/each
  • 8×10 prints – $30/each
  • 11×14 prints – $50/each
  • 16×20 canvas – $150/per canvas

Package options:

  • Option A – one 5×7, five 4×6 – $50
  • Option B – one 5×7, five 4×6, one 8×10 – $75
  • Option C – one 5×7, five 4×6, one 8×10, one 16×20 canvas – $200
  • “School” Package –  four 4×6, two 8×10, 16 wallets – $100

WEDDINGS – Starting at $1,000
Wedding sessions are up to 8 hours of full-day coverage.

  • Up to 3 locations/one day (pre-wedding, wedding and reception).
  • Includes up to 200 professionally edited, high resolution images.
  • Pets welcome and encouraged (assuming your venue allows animals).
  • Turnaround time of images within 3 weeks of wedding date.
  • Pricing is $1,000 for weekdays and $2,000 for weekends.

Senior portrait sessions are up to 2 hours of coverage at one location within the Kansas City metropolitan area (can be multiple spots within a location such as the Kansas City Plaza).

  • Up to 2 outfit changes.
  • Includes up to 40 professionally edited, high resolution images.
  • Please bring your pet or anything special that describes you! A soccer ball, musical instrument, sports team gear, etc.
  • Turnaround time within 1 week from date of session.


How do you stand apart from the competition as a pet photographer?
I have 18 years of expertise and was the first premier pet photographer in Kansas City. My work has been seen on the cover and inside features of 435 South, Pet Home and Dog Living Magazines. My pet photography has also been published in Dog Fancy, Modern Dog, Modern Cat, Life + Dog, Fido Friendly, Bella DOG, Kansas City Fitness, and Metro Pet magazines. My work has been featured on the covers of Happy Tails Books.

What photography do you specialize in?
I specialize in natural light pet photography and photo artistry. I also specialize in Going with Grace© sessions which honor and celebrate the lives of aging and critically ill pets. I recently opened an indoor studio location in Olathe inside Melissa’s Menagerie.

Why should I choose custom photography?
Custom photography is an investment in images that preserve memories and capture your loved ones as you really know them, and with proper care these images will last a lifetime.  As an experienced and internationally recognized pet photographer,  I create unique and timeless images that show your pet’s true personality and soul.

I am worried my dog will not behave or will be camera shy. Do you have experience with this?
Don’t worry, every dog owner feels the same way! However please know that I chose to specialize in pet photography because I form special connections with dogs and have the ability to capture their unique personality. Every dog I have worked with has been comfortable with me and the camera, regardless of their personality, size or breed. I will get to know your pet and be sure he/she is used to me before I start pointing a camera at them. Many clients have been very surprised how fast shy or cautious dogs have warmed up to me. I have a long history photographing pets in the rescue community and have experience with many different personalities and breeds.

Will you allow me to be in photos with my pet too?
Sure! You are welcome (and encouraged!)  to be in the photos with your pet, and I will almost always capture you and your pet’s bond when you don’t even realize it – allowing for the most raw and intimate moments to shine through.

What can I expect during the session?
During your pet photo shoot, you and your furry friend can expect a time full of laughter, bonding and joy. Your pet will receive some yummy treats in exchange for their cooperation with this silly photographer lady! I have a great amount of patience with the pooches and will follow them around and capture them in their true element and not overly pose your pup. I will not immediately cut off the session as soon as we are close to the ending timeframe. Sometimes it doesn’t take long at all to get a collection of great shots, but every dog is different and I have the patience to wait if necessary and ensure I have a variety of photos showing your pet’s personality.

What can I expect after the session?
I define my personality as “Type A”. Wikipedia describes this type as a “high-achieving workaholic who multi-tasks, drives themselves with deadlines, and is unhappy about delays.” This most certainly describes my work ethic. Images are all taken through a detailed post processing process to ensure the highest quality results. You will receive an e-mail with a link to your gallery for viewing purposes within 3 days from the date of your session. Images will be available to view and download for 48 hours.

Do you only offer outdoor photo shoots?
I love the beauty of nature and outdoor photo shoots, usually at local parks or in the backyard of your home. However, I can travel within the Kansas City metro area to your home for photos inside or you can visit my indoor studio location in Olathe.

How can I book?
Please email jennifer@fixyourimages.com for availability. I am available most weekdays from 9-5pm for studio shoots and until sunset for outdoor photo shoots.  If your photo shoot is rained out, I will reschedule your session on another available day.

What should I bring the day of the photo shoot?
For pet photo shoots, feel free to bring their favorite toy and/or treats. I will bring treats as well, but if your dog has a preferred treat, it never hurts to bring it along! If your pet is a fashionista, feel free to bring any clothing or accessories you would like them to wear. Most importantly, just bring yourself and your furry best friend and be ready for a good time!

What type of payment do you accept and do you offer refunds?
I accept cash or credit card (via Venmo) due at the time of service. I can accept credit card payments which can be processed online in advance before the photo shoot. Payment is in exchange for my time during the session and post processing artistry expertise. There are no refunds offered for services or goods.

How far are you willing to travel?
Photo sessions are typically within the Olathe/Shawnee/Overland Park region. I will travel to cities up to a 45 mile radius for an additional mileage charge.


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