Custom photography is an investment and I can understand how nervous my clients probably are before a session. Pet photo shoots can (and will) be chaotic and unpredictable. When I meet clients, I excitedly greet their pets first and offer a little “I am going to be your new best friend” treat.  I then remember there are […]

Jennifer Starr is an internationally published pet photographer with 18 years’ professional experience photographing pets and offering photo artistry. Jen specializes in photo artistry and unique & candid photography of pets using natural light. Dogs have always been a part of her life. In fact, her happily ever after stemmed from meeting her husband at the local dog […]

Ever feel like this? You really just want to crawl back in bed and slap some cucumbers on your eyes? Me too! I’ll admit it’s HARD to balance life, children, (sick) pets and work. But here’s a quick blog post to say I’m still here! My favorite season is quickly approaching. It’s the absolute best […]

It’s hard to imagine life without your pet. But one day, the harsh reality hits you like a brick. You’ve been trying to ignore the signs and be positive but your pet’s health has started to decline. Our own Abby is battling Cushing’s Disease along with side effects from her medication which has caused lack […]

Meet Jack. He’s the resident kitty at Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center and is a pretty special fella. The amount of love that poured out of the office on his photo shoot day was palpable. Jack is so loved and sadly his health is declining. The kind folks at Mariposa wanted to ensure his sweet soul […]

Sometimes scheduling a Going with Grace session is just too painful for a pet parent. It’s hard enough learning that our pet has a terminal illness and we are often in denial after such news. I know many must feel that scheduling an end-of-life session is just admitting what our hearts refuse to process. These […]

Going with Grace© was born a few years after I started my pet photography journey.  I received so many inquiries from people who were about to say goodbye to their pet and they wanted to preserve their memories in the form of photographs. I soon realized I needed to offer a special service to future […]

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