The Top 5 Things to Expect in Your Photo Session


Interested in having your pet photographed but concerned they won’t behave? One of the top fears my clients have is that their pet will not cooperate during their session.  While I can’t guarantee your pup will be a perfect angel, I can promise that my patience will surprise you and I will ensure your photographs are frame-worthy. In my 10+ years experience photographing only pets, I have seen a variety of breeds, sizes, personalities and unexpected incidents during sessions. Here are the top 5 things to expect in your photo session.

1. If your pet is treat motivated, they will go bananas for my Pupperoni treats. Sometimes they cause more harm than good with such heightened stimulus, but I will guage your pet’s interest and adjust my techniques accordingly.

2. Chances are your pet will try to chase something that distracts them if they are off leash, like another dog or a squirrel if we are in the park. Please bring a helper if your pets tend to be distracted easily. I always want to ensure your pet’s safety and keep them out of danger (i.e., prevent them from running into a busy street)

3. If you know in advance your pet will need more control, they can remain leashed during their session and I can remove leashes during post processing editing. While this definitely takes more time and effort on my part, you will never know your dog was on leash in the final photos. Please keep in mind harnesses are more difficult to edit out, so if possible bring a thin and solid colored leash that can be attached to a basic collar. The FixYourImages brand originated in 2005, only offering photo editing services for the first few years. With 10+ years experience in digital artistry, rest assured your photos will be carefully reviewed and adjusted to precision.

4. In such a whirlwind of adventure, you will probably wonder if I captured any decent images at all after your session is complete. I’ve been on the other side of the lens a few times and had the same fear with my photographers. I assure you that my camera is super speedy (7 frames/per second to be exact) and I will have an abundance of shots to sort through and edit to perfection.

5.  Your pet may totally surprise you. I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum. Sometimes a pet owner expects their dog to be hyper and uncooperative and they are super easy to photograph. Other times an owner expects their pet to be perfectly behaved and they end up being a little more difficult or just having an “off day”. Either way, I eventually wear down your pooch with my stubborn and persistent nature. I’ve astonished many pet owners with ambitious (and successful) ideas for poses and even getting their pet to sit when they never had before.

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