I never realized how many dogs would touch my heart until I became a pet photographer. I only meet each pet briefly, but they become extremely special to me for a lifetime.  Over the years, I have been sent many emergency requests to photograph terminally ill or aging senior pets.  I will drop anything and […]

Many aspiring photographers reach out to me for advice on how to begin their business, develop their client base and what to expect along the way.  I love helping others because professionals in the photography business did the same for me when I started my journey in 2005.  Along the way, I’ve also been behind the […]

I’m excited to add digital marketing consulting to my list of available services. I launched FixYourImages Photography almost 2 decades ago, only offering photo restoration in its infancy. Over the years I expanded my business to include professional pet photography while also working in the digital marketing and communications industry on the agency and client side. In […]

One aspect that I struggled with in the beginning of my pet photography journey was pricing – as I am sure many of you as photographers have once (or currently) struggle with how to price your services. One thing I began to keep in mind while researching others in the industry is that I offer […]

Are you a new parent with 4-legged children already? To help educate others about child and pet safety, I spoke with Emily Coleman, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and owner of Canine Solutions. While there’s no scientific proof, many experts say dogs can sense when their owner is pregnant. Pets don’t understand a new baby will […]

Your pets may surprise you during a photo session with me. I have literally seen it all. Even the most hyper and attention deficit dogs will eventually pay attention to me. I am persistent and patient and ensure your pet cooperates no matter how long it takes. Here are the top 5 reasons why you […]

Interested in having your pet photographed but concerned they won’t behave? One of the top fears my clients have is that their pet will not cooperate during their session.  While I can’t guarantee your pup will be a perfect angel, I can promise that my patience will surprise you and I will ensure your photographs […]

Would you believe I’ve never done an on-location shoot with Remington? I’ve thought about it many times but it always seems easier to just have him model in the backyard or in our home. When I decided to take him to Legler Barn Museum last night to help with an example shot for my upcoming […]

Photography is an art. Photos with multiple pets do not always look great straight out of the camera and I always edit images before releasing galleries to clients. These three senior dogs were all very energetic and kept on leash to maintain more control. There were even live ducks walking around behind me in this […]

Take it from me – a professional who’s been photographing pets for over 10 years. It’s hard to get a great shot of your dog unless they are intrinsically wired to sit and stay. Some pets are easier than others depending on their breed, personality and history. Regardless of these factors, I’ve compiled some tips […]

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Design by Jessica Gingrich Creative
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