Going with Grace Sessions


Sometimes scheduling a Going with Grace session is just too painful for a pet parent. It’s hard enough learning that our pet has a terminal illness and we are often in denial after such news. I know many must feel that scheduling an end-of-life session is just admitting what our hearts refuse to process. These sessions are so sensitive but I strive to focus on celebrating your pet’s life. We don’t shed tears – instead we smile and giggle as your furry friend shows me how amazing they are.

When it’s too tough to reach out for one of these sessions, thankfully that’s what great friends are for – to help you receive something you need even when it’s difficult. Hiyate is battling a large inoperable tumor between his lung and heart. I was informed of Hiyate’s story through his Momma’s friends. Her friend writes, “It’s hard for me to pinpoint just exactly how much Hiyate has done for my best friend. When she met him at Wayside Waifs just two weeks in, she couldn’t help herself from loving him. I would often walk by and there she would be, sitting in his kennel with him. It took some convincing that she was ready for a dog of her own, but within a week he was home with her. I don’t know what stroke of luck brought this Aussie/Border Collie to our shelter but I am forever thankful. Within days I could see my friend becoming more open and happy. He is the ideal example of a “good boy.” He has been there for her whenever she needed him. I think they were meant for each other – as cheesy as that sounds. Thank you Hiyate for being my best friend’s best friend.”

It was an honor to photograph these two. And I kept my promise – no tears! We just admired how adorable her boy is, “derpy” tongue and all. Many blessings and hugs to you both.

Update: Hiyate crossed the rainbow bridge the next day after our shoot. A gentle reminder that these sessions can help provide pet parents the peace and closure they are looking for during such a difficult time. Please keep Hiyate’s family in your prayers.


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