Personalized Socks with Pet Photos – By DivvyUp the Custom Sock Company


Aren’t these personalized socks the cutest? I just love that you can print your pet’s photo on these.  I recently partnered with Jason of DivvyUp and just in time for Valentine’s Day – these beauties arrived today! What a perfect and unique gift for your loved ones. Be sure to check out DivvyUp Socks at the below links and tell them Remington sent you!

About DivvyUp
DivvyUp was formed in August 2014 and began with a  journey to give clean socks to Tallahassee’s homeless shelter. They didn’t know much about the sock industry or what it took to design and create a DivvyUp sock, but they knew clean socks were needed and they wanted to tackle the problem sustainably.  Three and a half years later, DivvyUp has enabled the community to gift over 75,000 pairs of socks to those in need across 23 states in the United States!

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