You’ve heard of a baby’s first cake smash, but have you ever considered one for your dog? Remy had a BLAST celebrating his FIRST birthday in the studio this week. I can even make a dog-friendly cake for your pup and you get to take home what they don’t devour during the shoot. If you’re […]

If there’s one thing we can say definitively about social media, it’s that it’s constantly changing. Marketing and communications professionals must continuously monitor this dynamic online world and adapt their strategy accordingly. Below are some clear trends brands need to keep an eye on to maintain digital connections with their customers. Instagram and TikTok provide […]

Many of you know Remington is my 14-year old miniature schnauzer. He’s been on medication for chronic bronchitis for a few years and has a mild heart murmur. The thought of giving him a bucket list makes me incredibly sad, but I want to ensure I start spoiling him extra special while he is still […]

I founded FixYourImages Photography almost 2 decades ago, only offering photo restoration in its infancy. Over the years I expanded my business to include professional pet photography while also working in the digital marketing and communications industry on the agency and client side since 2004. Starr Creative Solutions LLC was formed to house all services […]

I’ve been SO excited to work with the Dodo over the last few months on our mouse rescue story. They did a wonderful job showing how our mouse rescue unfolded. Of course this story would not have been possible without our sweet daughter who informed us we should not kill any animal (even a mouse) […]

I am excited to offer traveling studio photography option with a separate set of traveling equipment. This will be an option for businesses who are interested in bringing in employees or clients and their pets for a fun one-day event. This option is also for private clients with pets who don’t travel well. Solid seamless […]

You’ve all heard of school photo day at children’s schools, but what about dog school photos?! If your pet attends a doggy daycare in the Kansas City metro, please let the business owner know about this fun opportunity! I am trying out a new “travel to you” studio option with a separate set of traveling […]

Dogs, adoptable cats and even guinea pigs were at the studio this week. My first official week in my new space was a dream! I am located inside Melissa’s Menagerie in Olathe. This location has a doggy daycare for senior dogs, a groomer and even the most adorable cat cafe filled with adoptable cats that […]

Ya’ll better sit down because I don’t know if you can handle this cuteness. I tried something new this week – photographing not one but FIVE guinea pigs in my new studio space. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Seriously. Is this real life? My client hoped to get them all together in one epic shot […]

Some of the BEST ideas come from you, my clients and friends. The first official model in my new Kansa City studio was a dream! I mean seriously – look at her sweet little face! Foxy rocked her session with tutus, necklaces, girly accessories and BUBBLES. She even brought her rocking chair from when she […]

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