Custom photography is an investment and I can understand how nervous my clients probably are before a session. Pet photo shoots can (and will) be chaotic and unpredictable. When I meet clients, I excitedly greet their pets first and offer a little “I am going to be your new best friend” treat.  I then remember there are […]

Are you a new parent with 4-legged children already? To help educate others about child and pet safety, I spoke with Emily Coleman, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and owner of Canine Solutions. While there’s no scientific proof, many experts say dogs can sense when their owner is pregnant. Pets don’t understand a new baby will […]

Jennifer Starr is an internationally published pet photographer with 18 years’ professional experience photographing pets and offering photo artistry. Jen specializes in photo artistry and unique & candid photography of pets using natural light. Dogs have always been a part of her life. In fact, her happily ever after stemmed from meeting her husband at the local dog […]

Interested in having your pet photographed but concerned they won’t behave? One of the top fears my clients have is that their pet will not cooperate during their session.  While I can’t guarantee your pup will be a perfect angel, I can promise that my patience will surprise you and I will ensure your photographs […]

Happy Birthday to my first “baby”! I still remember bringing Remington home at 3 months old. I was in my late 20s, no clue how to care for any living creature and long before I had kids of my own. Every year I am a little more nostalgic and emotional about his birthday because I […]

Ever feel like this? You really just want to crawl back in bed and slap some cucumbers on your eyes? Me too! I’ll admit it’s HARD to balance life, children, (sick) pets and work. But here’s a quick blog post to say I’m still here! My favorite season is quickly approaching. It’s the absolute best […]

I am so excited to see my work in print again! Modern Dog magazine, a national publication featured Going with Grace in their Summer 2021 issue. The issue will be in stores around June 8 and online shortly after. I’ve always felt called to focus on this particular service within my photography business. I’m so […]

I am SO thrilled to launch my redesigned website, dedicated to Going with Grace. My heart has pulled me in this direction for so many years. I recently received a request for an emergency session and I swirled with emotions afterwards. It was a further reminder how much people count on me for comfort through […]

Like most photographers, I’ve kept my distance from people and clients which means no photo shoots. Although I only shoot outdoors, I have still been social distancing and refraining from really leaving the house unless it’s an absolute necessity. During this time I am SO thankful for Amazon. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime […]

Photography is an art. Photos with multiple pets do not always look great straight out of the camera and I always edit images before releasing galleries to clients. These three senior dogs were all very energetic and kept on leash to maintain more control. There were even live ducks walking around behind me in this […]

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