Some of the BEST ideas come from you, my clients and friends. The first official model in my new studio was a dream! I mean seriously – look at her sweet little face! Foxy rocked her session with tutus, necklaces, girly accessories and BUBBLES. She even brought her rocking chair from when she was little […]

I’m a professional pet photographer and have a soft spot for all creatures, great and small. In fact my husband and I went viral earlier this year for a mouse rescue video on TikTok, linked here. If you have any exotic animal or small rodent, I’d love to photograph them. I’ve photographed horses and pigs […]

I am beyond excited to announce my new studio photography space is ready and open for business! I am expanding my services, photographing Kansas City area dogs and cats (or any small rodents, guinea pigs, etc.) at the perfect indoor space in Olathe. Children with or without pets are welcome as well. I’ve always had […]

Here is a super easy dog cake recipe for your pup’s special day! I will soon offer dog birthday studio photo shoots and a homemade cake can be included as well. Here is the recipe and process below. Enjoy! Dog Birthday Cake First mix all the dry ingredients together and then the remainder from the […]

I am excited to announce I am offering wedding photography services again. Since I am dedicating myself to full time photography, I’ve opened back up many session opportunities. Some of you may remember this beautiful couple below and their dogs. I absolutely loved documenting their intimate wedding which was complete with fun photos before the […]

How is it half way through March already?! Junior students – it’s about that time to start thinking about senior portraits. Or if you are a senior, it’s not too late. I have a very fast turnaround time currently. Senior photography is usually scheduled for the spring or summer before the fall of your senior year. […]

Exciting news coming soon – I’ll be offering studio options for pets. There will be a variety of props, backdrops and accessories for your pet. Say goodbye to worrying about the weather conditions or other distractions like dogs and people at the park. I will even have a custom birthday/cake setup for your beloved pooch […]

Think your pet can’t be photographed or you’re worried they’ll need to stay on leash? Removing leashes is something I offer standard with all photo sessions, even mini sessions. With 18 years’ experience I’ve literally seen it all! Rosy the pug had an evergreen mini session at Shawnee Mission Park in 20 degree windchill but […]

I’m a mom, pet parent, professional photographer and digital marketer with a passion for social media. I’d love to chat with about how to grow your social presence by partnering with my brand. Email for more information. Visit to see some of my partnerships and favorite products.

Looking for a professional pet photographer to help your business reach the next level? Consider commercial photography services to help highlight your products and increase consumer interest. Email to discuss your next project! Pricing: Past Clients:

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