DIY Baby/Toddler Fruit and Yogurt Pouches


When I am not photographing pets and families, I am staying busy being a Mom and trying to find ways to be more cost effective.  Our nearly 2-year-old LOVES fruit and yogurt pouches. While I love the ease and convenience of picking up a bulk pack at the store, I started to realize how much these pouches really end up costing us every week, especially when she requests atleast 2 per day.  I researched a bit online and found Baby Brezza reusable food pouches. Brilliant! I don’t even need a special dispensing system with this particular type.  Then, I headed to my local Aldi because if you’ve ever discovered this wonderful grocery store, you know they have the best priced produce and even have tons of organic options.  Here are some instructions, cost comparisons and exactly what you will need to make these super easy and healthy fruit pouches for your kids! And this post is not sponsored by Baby Brezza – I just wanted to share how amazing and fun making your own food can be!

First, purchase reusable pouches. I found Baby Brezza to be the best with the most positive reviews from others.  They are super simple and use a funnel system to load your fruit on the zippered side. Here is a link on Amazon to purchase them for $9.99 and free shipping if you are a Prime member. (And if you aren’t, you should be! I waited far too long to jump on the Amazon Prime bandwagon but I absolutely love the benefits!)

Next, walk, no RUN to your local Aldi! Here are some good recipe/combos I’ve tried myself.

  • Spinach/Mango/Banana
  • Peach/Carrot/Pineapple
  • Blueberries/Banana
  • Orange/Strawberries/Mango
  • Peas/Pears/Spinach
  • Mango/Sweet Potato
  • Yogurt (1/2-1 cup depending on desired thickness) + Strawberries or Blueberries or Bananas or various combos

Cost Breakdown:

  • Fresh Blueberries: $1.69
  • Fresh Strawberries: $1.49
  • 32 oz. Nonfat Yogurt: $1.89
  • Cans of peaches, oranges and other fruits average: $0.69 a can
  • Fresh Mangoes: $0.49 each
  • 46 oz Applesauce: $1.89 (This is a huge cost savings if you literally just poured the applesauce into the reusable fruit pouches. You could make atleast 10 pouches with one large jar of applesauce and plain applesauce pouches cost around $2 per 4 in the store.)

Step 1: Place your ingredients in a blender.  There really is no secret recipe. I just use the single serve option on my Ninja blender and throw equal handfuls in. Go easy on the veggies though if you are trying to hide the taste. I found spinach hides well but peas is harder to cover up!

DIY Fruit and Yogurt Pouches

Step 2: Mix it all up!

DIY Fruit and Yogurt Pouches

Step 3: Open up your Baby Brezza reusable pouch and place the funnel as shown below. Pour your mixture but stop at the max fill line. Otherwise you will have quite the mess on your hands!

DIY Fruit and Yogurt Pouches

Step 4: Seal the zippered portion well and screw on the lid. Serve immediately, store in fridge or freeze for later. Combos shown below are Spinach/Mango/Banana (but the spinach hides really well. My toddler loves it!) and Strawberry/Blueberry Yogurt. Let the cost savings begin!

DIY Fruit and Yogurt Pouches

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