Amazon Must-Haves During COVID Quarantine


Like most photographers, I’ve kept my distance from people and clients which means no photo shoots. Although I only shoot outdoors, I have still been social distancing and refraining from really leaving the house unless it’s an absolute necessity. During this time I am SO thankful for Amazon. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership – stop what you are doing RIGHT now and get one!

For $12.99 a month, we get free 2-day shipping on most everything on their site (which pays for itself!) and even unlimited Amazon streaming video. Netflix costs around the same amount per month and that is just for the movie service – without the awesome free shipping benefits. Sign up for your own 30-day trial at this link.

Also if you are in an online-shopping kind of mood, be sure to check out my Amazon Influencer Storefront  full of my favorite pet and baby items. I add to this regularly and always keep my eyes peeled for the best savings and deals of the day!

Here are my top choices below to help you get through this time too. Happy Shopping!

Fire 8 Tablet

I upgraded our daughter to the larger screen Fire. It was on sale a few weeks ago for $49.99. Keep checking back for that sale again! Link here.

Fire 8 Kid’s Case

And you can’t give a child a tablet without a protective and cute case. Link here.


Our daughter learned she has a passion for puzzles during this time at home. She loves this Frozen II floor puzzle and says it is very tricky! Link here.

Birthday Balloons

Just in case our kid’s summer birthday parties are affected – I figured we needed the large number balloon to celebrate at home. Link here. Oh and don’t worry – you can buy a personal helium tank to blow up the balloons in the comfort of your own home. Here is a link to one on Walmart.

Travel Jumperoo

Our 9 month old is on the move and into everything! I love this portable jumper I can bring anywhere and fold it up when not in use. Link here.


OK so I went a little crazy when this all first happened and panicked when I couldn’t find easy mac. But Amazon has this yummy Velveeta shells version of easy mac in stock! Link here.

Chocolate Milk

Again went a little crazy with the milk shortage fear so I stocked up on this shelf-stable chocolate milk. Our daughter loves these! Link here.

Cereal Marshmallows

And my all time favorite – a giant bag of JUST the marshmallows you find in cereal. Our daughter throws out the cereal and wants only the marshmallows so let’s skip the facade of being healthy and buy the whole bag of sugary junk. Link here.

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