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It seems like just yesterday I was posting my latest pregnancy log. Now here I am with a 6 week old precious baby boy and only 5 weeks left of maternity leave. I’ve been trying to find the time to write a few blog posts – one for new Mommas who need to know the most important must-haves and a series I’ve been working on called “If Dogs were Toddlers”.  My vision is to snap photos of our dogs in various scenarios that depict classic toddler emotions like “Picky Eaters” and “Epic Meltdowns.” Stay tuned for more, but in the meantime enjoy my favorite baby and new Momma items below.

Postpartum Belly Wrap

I didn’t use one of these with my first, but bought one in prep for the birth of my second just in case I needed a little help bouncing back. Afterall a boy was much harder on my body than our girl was. I can’t speak highly enough of this wrap! It comes in 3 sections and you use the belly wrap right after birth. It uses compression to shrink your uterus and it really helped flatten my stomach MUCH faster.

Snot Sucker (Nasal Aspirator)

First, the Nose Frida is just gross and it doesn’t work. The green ball you receive from the hospital gets the job done but slowly. We swear by the electric snot sucker. It works well and fast and you will be glad you have it as much as it’s necessary to get those boogies out.

Muslin Swaddles

I just love this material and how it has so many uses.  Wrap your baby up for swaddling, use it as a burp cloth in a pinch, nursing cover or just a blanket to keep your baby or your toddler (who forgot theirs) warm!

Cloth Diapers (used as burp cloths)

You should just throw away all those cute little bibs. A friend tipped me off that Gerber cloth diapers are the best and most absorbent burp cloths/bibs. We saved these from our first and use them just as much this time around.

Backpack Diaper Bag

Again something I wish I was privy to with my first child. I carried a designer Coach diaper bag. What was I thinking?? This practical backpack keeps me even more organized and has an insulated pocket for bottles.

Boppy Newborn Lounger

I received mine from my awesome sister in law when her kids outgrew this  but I would buy this 100 times over. I use it multiple times a day  – it’s great to use for bottle feedings and generally a safe place for your baby to hang out when they aren’t snuggled in your arms. Be sure to keep an eye on your baby though – both of mine rolled over and scooted super early and they could easily fall out of this if left unattended.

Target App – Surely everyone knows about this, but if you don’t already, download the Target App and add on Target Circle. You automatically get reward points with every purchase and you have the choice to pay with your reward points next time. They really aren’t even “points” – it is literally like gift card cash. Speaking of gift cards, you can frequently score $10-$20 gift cards when making large baby purchases of wipes, diapers or formula. You are going to buy these necessities anyways so why wouldn’t you want a free gift card for the next time you shop? And who are we kidding – you know you’ll be visiting Target again… very soon.

Beautiful photos taken by the amazing Sarah Chou of Marie Photography.

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