What it’s like to be Pregnant Again – Log #3 {33 weeks}


Here we are for log #3!  I feel I am super close to the end – I went into labor at 38 weeks with my first, but I feel this time will be even sooner. This boy is running out of room (or womb!) for sure.

Cravings: My red grapes craving has subsided and been replaced with needing soft pretzel twists from Sonic.  I also still crave the large teas from Quick Trip and I mix the unsweetened raspberry with the sweetened black mango.

Movement:  Somersaults are a daily occurrence along with relentless Braxton Hicks.  I’ve been known to shout out loud at various times when he sharply settles and kicks on my bladder.

Measurements: From the outside, my stomach is measuring consistently with the number of weeks I am. I will have a 34 week check this Friday and then ultrasounds at 36 and 37 weeks if he makes it that long!

The Ugh Factor: Lately I haven’t really wanted to eat much (especially not warm items), been super nauseous, exhausted and lots of round ligament stretching/body aches.  I wake up atleast every hour for bathroom breaks and to rotate sides I sleep on. Extreme fatigue hits me about 3pm each day and it’s a struggle to keep active, but I still mow the yard when I feel up to it. This baby is much harder on me than my first. I am 38 and it doesn’t get any easier the older you get!

Big sister: Abrielle is officially potty trained according to her school’s definition. This is ideal timing because we will be changing enough diapers with a newborn! She is so excited to be a big sister and talks about “when he will come out and that he will cry a lot.”  Atleast she has realistic expectations. Yesterday she asked if my belly button was going to come out. It sure feels like it might these days! Ha!

Photo shoots: I’ve cut way back on the amount of photo shoots I offer. I have select hours on the weekdays and do not offer weekend sessions.

Mondays & Wednesdays: 5:30 – 8pm (Mini Session, Custom Session or Going with Grace)

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays: 12 – 1pm (Mini Sessions are best during this timeframe)

Mid July – Early October (TBD during maternity leave)

If you would like to book a session before the end of July or in the Fall, please email jennifer@fixyourimages.com to schedule.

Relaxation: Our family did get the wonderful opportunity to vacation over Memorial Day weekend which always falls somewhere near my birthday too. It was a beautiful time and we celebrated our last adventure as a family of 3. We had some sweet moments captured on the beach which I will treasure always.

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