Remembering Micalla Rettinger


It’s so easy to get wrapped up in daily life chaos. Working a full time day job, juggling photo shoots after work,  pregnancy, training a new puppy, comforting a terrible twos toddler. The list goes on. But there is nothing like a wake up call when you hear about someone’s tragic loss – especially when it’s someone you knew.

I photographed Micalla Rettinger years ago in 2011 and she was beautiful inside and out. I recently learned she was taken senselessly when a stray bullet shot through her car window on a highway near Waterloo as she was driving home from work. My heart breaks for her family. It breaks each day I see a new Facebook status from her stepmom, like the one this morning showing Micalla’s dad sleeping with a pair of her softball socks and the family dog resting her head on the chest of her grieving master.

In the grand scheme of things, do all the silly little annoyances really matter? The dog just peed the carpet. The toddler is screaming bloody murder because they want oranges, not apples. The dogs have muddy paws and need a bath, again. Your back hurts from this super uncomfortable pregnancy.  What if we flipped every inconvenience into a blessing that you and your loved ones are alive?

Her family is still searching for closure and answers as to who fired the fatal shot. The reward is up to 26k. Please share and call the Waterloo Police at 319.291.4340 or the Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers Tips line at 855.300.8477 with any information.  There are more details at this link.

Please keep her family in your prayers. Hug your family tightly and remember every day is a gift and tomorrow isn’t promised.

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