Introducing Baby Stella the Vizsla!


Abby passed away November 24. One week later, I learned I was pregnant with baby #2. I repressed the majority of my grief because I needed to be strong for the baby. Since that sad day when we said goodbye to Abby, the house was left with zero howling duets, a quiet and aloof Miniature Schnauzer, Abrielle’s frequent verbal musings that Abby was in the hospital and now in dog heaven and a general void I can’t really describe.

While I would normally listen to my head which was telling me I was crazy to want a VIZSLA energetic puppy with a newborn on the way, I couldn’t shake the nagging on my heart that it’s what was right for our family. Many of you probably have a breed you are partial to. For us, it’s the human-like personality of a Vizsla we miss so much.

After my second vivid dream of Abby appearing in a younger healed state, a long-time follower on my photography page reached out to me when I posed a question about considering another Vizsla. She let me know they were moving to Florida over the weekend but were still in the Midwest that week. She happened to have a little 9 week old “relaxed” girl that needed a home. Her photo spoke to me. Her expressive eyes shouted over my better judgement. This puppy was born 3 weeks after Abby passed. She needed her forever family. We made the drive to Iowa on a leap of faith and after meeting her, it’s clear she is really the one who chose us.

Welcome to the family (furry) baby Stella!

For anyone in the Kansas City area, be sure to check out this page which includes information on how to book your very own newborn puppy photo session.

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